Sort Text - Alphabetic Text Line Sorter

What is Text Sort tool

Use Text Sort tool to sort an unordered list in alphabetical or natural order. You can sort in ascending or descending order. You can also sort based on character length/width.

How to Text Sort

There are three different ways of sorting text lines using this tool.

  • Alphabetical order - Alphabetical sorting is the traditional way a computer sort text. Each character is compared in order and the string whose first letter comes earlier in the alphabet (A-Z) comes first. This also applies to numbers (0-9).
  • Natural order - Natural sort is considered a more human-friendly implementation of machine alphabetical sorting. Non-single-digit numbers like "10", "11", "12", and above are considered as a single entity and ordered by the value of the number. This is what you should use if you're working with numbered lists.
  • By Character Length - You can sort a list based on the length/width of the text. String with shorter character length comes first in the list and the longest comes last.