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What is link extractor?

A Link Extractor is a software tool or script used to extract all the URLs (hyperlinks) from a webpage or a body of text. The extracted links can then be used for various purposes such as web crawling, data analysis, or even for malicious purposes like spamming or phishing.

How does this URL extractor work?

URL extractor Extracts links from the webpage using its source code. The source code has all the information that is needed to interpret by the user's browser. Select the web page that you want to analyse. then paste URLs INto URL Extractor Tool, This tool then crawls the information from the web. It will extricate all the mail addresses and URLs found on websites. Use this tool for particular analysis and evaluation. Extract all the domains from URLs that are present as the hyperlink in the HTML text. Collect the domain names of all URLs available in the HTML page, This tool also helps to remove spam domains from HTML text. Paste your URL in tool area, it will provide you three options to choose, "All links", "External Links", "Internal Links". You can select any one option to extract the links. It will also extract meta tags and images.

Working with this tool is very simple. First, it gets the source of the webpage that you enter and then extracts URLs from the text. Using this tool you will get the following results

  1. Total number of the links on the web page
  2. Anchor text of each link.
  3. Do-follow and No-Follow Status of each anchor text.
  4. Link Type internal or external
  5. You can also filter and get a list of internal or external links only.

Is this a Safe Tool?

Our tool is 100% safe and secure. We respect our customers, any input you add to view results we do not save it or share it publically.

Benefits Of URL Extractor tool

Here are some of the benefits of using a URL extractor tool:

  1. Data Collection: URL extractors can be used to collect large amounts of data from websites for research or analysis purposes.
  2. Link Building: URL extractors can be used to find and extract links from websites for link building purposes, helping to improve the visibility and ranking of a website in search engines.
  3. Web Crawling: URL extractors can be used as a component in web crawling applications, allowing the user to automatically navigate and extract data from multiple websites.
  4. Automation: URL extractors can automate the process of finding and extracting links from websites, saving time and effort compared to manual methods.
  5. Competitive Intelligence: URL extractors can be used to gather information about competitors' websites, including the links they have, for competitive intelligence purposes.
  6. Market Research: URL extractors can be used for market research, to gather information about the websites and links in a specific industry or niche.

These are just a few examples of the benefits of using a URL extractor tool, as there are many other use cases and applications.